So Long Summer!

As summer comes to a close, we spent one last weekend relishing the good weather with friends and family. On Saturday, we returned to Fire Island for one last beach day. On Sunday, we celebrated my 37th birthday with our closest friends (and all of our babies!) at a barbecue. And on Labor Day, we visited some friends and relaxed by the pool, ate delicious food, and enjoyed watching the boys swim! It was definitely a weekend to remember — and I couldn’t be more grateful for my husband, who made me feel extra special on my birthday. But of course, the best part of my weekend was overhearing Matteo tell another boy to believe in himself – the boy was very shy, and he wanted to dance for us. Matteo took it upon himself to coach the boy…and it worked! I always encourage my boys to believe in themselves and to never be afraid to show who they are – it’s nice to see that the parenting is paying off!

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As I look back on the last couple of months, I truly believe this was our best summer yet. My husband and I both agree that this was the summer where we let go a little bit more: the boys have become more independent, which gives us a little more freedom as parents. While I’d love it if my boys stayed young forever, I also love watching them grow.

Matteo really grew up this summer. He speaks very maturely now, and I feel like he’s given me a good idea of who he will become in years to come! Among other summer highlights, he lost his two front teeth, he made our local baseball travel team, and he became a very good swimmer! I couldn’t be more proud of this kid!

Chase has also grown: his vocabulary has really enhanced, and he has developed a ridiculous personality, saying the most random things, which never fail to crack us up! He loves the song “Uptown Funk,” hence the hat he’s wearing. Chase has also become a strong swimmer…he had lots of fun with his buddies at the pool this summer!

As for me, I actually I started a new job this summer! Balancing all my roles (as a mommy, a blogger, and a full-time employee) has definitely been challenging, but I’m finally starting to get into the swing of things. And although this new job isn’t my passion, I’ve come to realize that this opportunity is really great for my family. Of course, you guys should all know by now that my true passion is boys’ fashion – I love styling my boys and inspiring others to take pride in dressing their kids! So with that said, I’m looking forward to fall; getting back into a routine will help me better balance work and home life and ultimately help me continue my passion!

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