Oh Baby, It’s Hot Outside!

NYC had its first 90-degree day yesterday. It was hot and humid with a severe weather storm brewing for most of the day, and late in the afternoon it touched down like a mini Armageddon! But don’t be fooled: I’d take summer over winter any day. After this year’s brutal winter, I’m ready for the heat – of course, I’ll be singing a different tune come fall. In the meantime, while Mother Nature takes her course, I’m busy dressing my boys in lightweight clothing that won’t stick to their bodies; they refuse to wear anything else!

Matteo isn’t pictured here because he was in school finishing up his last few days of second grade. I can’t wait for school to be over…as much as my boys can drive me crazy when they’re home all day, I really love the freedom of summer. We’re total explorers; we just love to be outside! Chase ended school a week early, so we’ve been getting in some really special “Mommy & Chase days,” as he likes to call it.

LIC piers is one of my favorite go-to spots with the boys; not to mention, it’s in my old stomping grounds, QUEENS. This destination has the most incredible view of the city, and it’s so relaxing to spend the day in a modern, clean park. But Chase and I had to keep our trip a secret – Matteo would’ve been too jealous. Whenever I bring Matteo to LIC piers, he insists that he will one day live in Manhattan. I love that he finds the city skyline so inspirational.

As for clothing, I am totally obsessed with this Mimobee top. I love the attention to detail, and it’s a perfect shirt for summer weather. On the bottom, I converted a pair of lightweight cheetah harem pants into stylish shorts. Chase actually wore these pants when he was much smaller – they are still one of his favorites. Even though Chase is bigger now, I don’t mind letting him wear the pants at knee length – repurposing old clothes is a great way to stay trendy without emptying your wallet!

Cheers to summer!

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