Moving up || Hello Summer

It’s official, my big boy is off to Middle school in September. This is such a bittersweet feeling! In so many ways I want Matteo to be a little boy forever; yet I also get so excited thinking about him turning into a wonderful young man. There’s no doubt in my mind that Matteo will be successful in life, but I also know he has to work very, very hard in order for that to happen.

This year was quite different than the prior grade school years: there was more pressure for him to be more independent, something that doesn’t come naturally to him. Matteo could “technically” belong year behind (3rd grade), and I bet he’d be excelling in that grade level. However, in our town the cutoff to enter school is Dec 31. He’s December baby, and as such he made the cutoff to start school early. What I thought was so great at the time has proven to be a challenge. Four years later, I am used to the fact that every September, when Matteo enters school, it takes him a few months before he’s where he needs to be on grade level. Believe me, at first I was very worried; I thought it was unfair to him. But thankfully he’s always had understanding teachers who tell me, “don’t worry he’ll be fine by the end of the school year.” And that has always been the case!

Sources have also said that the difference in maturation shows more in the younger years; once children reach 12 an older, it seems to even itself out. Matteo’s challenge is that he is impulsive and social, which can be a huge distraction in class. The funny thing is, he reminds me so much of myself, which is why I can’t even get mad! In fact, I understand him very well. As an adult and a mom, I’ve learned to control my impulses. This helps me to help him. I will continue to encourage Matteo to work hard and to be focused on his academics.

I am very proud of who Matteo is, and who he is becoming. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him!

I would love to hear from any of you, if you are experiencing this as well, or are familiar with this situation, I always like to know we are not alone!

Pictured here is Matteo off to his 4th grade End of Year Party. He pretty much styled himself. He knew he wanted to wear chino shorts and a polo, I just spruced it up a bit 😉 

Cheers to the last day of school!!  


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