Family Fun Vacation Part 2

Two weeks ago, our family headed down to Florida for an event-packed vacation filled with fun, family, and fashion. I’m splitting up the recap into three posts, of which, this is the second. Check out the first post here.

After three days at the Universal Studios theme parks, our family traveled to Boca Raton to visit some friends. Eddie, Suzanne and Isabella are like family to us: they’re old friends of my husband; Eddie also happens to be Chase’s godfather. So, needless to say, our time spent in Boca was definitely a highlight of our trip; they made us feel right at home. After a busy couple of days, it was refreshing to just enjoy the warm weather and relax. The kids played in the pool and went jet skiing while the parents enjoyed poolside food and cocktails. It was a much-needed dose of Florida life; it’s always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I especially loved watching my husband be the amazing daddy he already is — the quality time he spent with the boys was priceless; it just filled my heart with joy! It’s memories like these that I’ll cherish when my boys are older.

During the day, I dressed my boys in cool, trendy swimsuits from my favorite online shops.
At the pool, Matteo wore Appaman swim trunks from Ladida Kids; at the beach, he wore red trunks from Zara, while Chase donned Ralph Lauren.

At night, I dressed Matteo in a Coco Blanc shirt from Ladida Kids, J.Crew shorts,
and Adidas sneakers. Chase donned a Gardner and the gang Tee from Minixstyle, Coco Blanc from Ladida Kids, Puma sneakers from Nordstrom.

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