Family and Fire Island

This past Saturday, we spent the day at Davis Park, Fire Island. The 29th of August is a day of remembrance for our family — we lost our Uncle Frank two years ago on this day. He was a young man with the biggest heart; a dedicated husband and father; and my husband’s mentor, friend, and father figure. While the loss of a loved one can leave you weak, and at times lost, it can also give you perspective and inspiration. Uncle Frank was one of those men who uplifted you; he was a man of much wisdom. He was tough and gave tough love, but he was also the biggest teddy bear! He believed in hard work and following your dreams; he always said, “the saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”

To remember Uncle Frank, we spent our day near the ocean. There’s something very special about the sound of waves crashing on the sand, and we arrived early enough to appreciate the calm of the ocean. Our Aunt Roe and cousin Nick joined us, and we reminisced, laughed, and enjoyed a flawless day at the beach. Matteo understood the gravity of the 29th, and although death can be hard to explain to a child, he believes Uncle Frank is always looking after us. Chase may be too young to remember, but still, he tells Uncle Frank goodnight every night. I’m sure one day he’ll be curious to learn more about him.

Despite the solemn anniversary, Fire Island itself was perfect. The boys enjoyed their boogie boards and played in the sand; it was, by far, the best beach day we’ve had in New York! They loved riding the ferry and eating yummy ice cream! Summer’s coming to an end, but we’re certainly making the most of it.

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Chase was a showstopper with this Sprayground backpack…besides the fact that it was half his size, I loved watching him carry it!

My big boy — who, by the way, lost another tooth this weekend — is such a stud (yes, I said it). He’s a little man trapped in a boy’s body; I say this, not because of his outfit, but because he has such an old soul. This weekend, Matteo donned a preppy, ‘Long Islander’ look. I love how diverse his style can be — if he doesn’t like it, he’s not wearing it! His top is from H&M, his swim shorts are an oldie from Zara, his glasses are Ray-Ban, and of course, his shoes are Nike slippers.

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