Fall In Love With Shan And Toad

As the fall season approaches, fashion options multiply. I love basics: versatile, yet fun pieces that will get me through fall/winter! Before I buy anything, I always like to research a couple of online boutiques. I take my time to explore different options so I can make the right decision. Here are my absolute favorite pieces this fall. You can find all these wonderful pieces at Shanandtoad.com  they do a hell of a job selecting pieces. This can absolutely be your one and only stop. Take my word for it! Happy Shopping!

1. Yellow Scarf

2. Mateus Gold Shirt

3. Landscape Tee

4. Truth Wool Hat

5. Black Jorge Baggy Trousers

6. Patches Sweatshirt

7. Penguin Coat

8. Medallion Liquorice Boots

9. Naples Hat

10. Claire Jumper

11. David Hoodie

12. Dark Raspberry Trousers

13. Clouds Socks

14. Tilapia Black Pierre Shoes

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