Chase’s Birthday Celebration!

My son Chase recently turned 4. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by! As much as I don’t want my baby to grow up, I can’t get enough of his enhanced vocabulary. He’s maturing into such a funny boy; his wit is out of this world! My husband and I always joke, if we could guarantee 3 more kids like Chase, we’d go for more! He’s very loud, he loves trips to the supermarket, and he is obsessed with horses!

Being that Chase has such a love for horses and farm animals in general, we decided to celebrate his birthday with a petting zoo party. He and his crew enjoyed pony rides, a chicken, a rabbit, and baby goats. It was the cutest sight to see, and Chase was truly in his glory.

Here, Chase is pictured on his actual birthday, which fell on the following Monday. He was so funny that morning: I woke him up by singing “Happy Birthday,” and with his deep raspy voice he responded, “Mom, I had my birthday already.” In other words, “STOP, it’s done…that’s it!

Nonetheless, we celebrated again in his nursery. We picked up balloons and bought cupcakes, and my mom came over in the evening. My favorite part was when we went through a photo memory book – put together by my mother – of his 1st year of life. The pictures followed Chase from the day he was born up to his 1st birthday. Seeing himself as a little baby, and seeing all the people who loved and still love him, made Chase beam with emotion – he even had tears in his eyes. Of course, he asked a lot of questions – especially about the day he was born. Yes, my mother is that person who captures everything, even the raw graphic footage of childbirth (solamente tu, Mami). Chase pointed out how much smaller Matteo was back then, and he loved the pictures from his Mickey Mouse-themed 1st birthday party. I was dying inside. I will cherish that moment for the rest of my life!

I really didn’t put much thought into what Chase wore on his birthday. Fortunately, his wardrobe’s pretty cool, and I was able to throw together a cool ‘hipster’ look for his entrance into his 4th year of life. This Rad Hipster Tee is from Quinn & Fox; the Pants are from one of our favorite brands, Nununu; and the well-made snakeskin sneakers are from Akid. I topped the outfit off with cool hat from Munsterkids. Chase felt great in his outfit; I know, because he checks himself out in the mirror!

IMG_0851 (1) IMG_0727 FullSizeRender IMG_1375

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Top: Quinn & Fox Hipster tee

Pants: Nununu

Shoes: Akid

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