Birthday Celebrations!

December is a special month, as we get to celebrate Matteo’s birthday on the 12th. It seems like every year just gets better and better. I’ve learned from past experiences to try and not overwhelm ourselves with all the craziness of the holidays, and to just enjoy the month. Matteo turned 8 this year, and I’d say this was probably his best birthday yet (not sure if it tops our visit to Disney World in his eyes) but I know for sure he’ll remember and cherish this Birthday for years to come.

On the eve of his birthday, Friday 12/11, he got to go see School of Rock The Musical with my brother (his Tio, Jerry). He came back feeling inspired after seeing all the awesome, talented kids playing different types of instruments. Matteo loves live performances, and if it’s kids performing, it’s even better! More than anything, he loved spending quality time with his uncle!

On the morning of Matteo’s birthday, we surprised him with bedside balloons and a note attached letting him know he would be having breakfast with the NY Jets the following morning before game (which he was attending). Our Snapchat followers (username: berrychicboyz) got to see his adorable reaction. That afternoon, we had a small party with a few of Matteo’s closest friends at Bounce Trampoline Sports. It was short and sweet, but more importantly, Matteo had so much fun.

Now for the real fun: Sunday Funday! Matteo is very passionate about sports, the NY Jets and NY Rangers being his top 2 favorite teams! My husband is a season ticket holder for the Jets, and now that Matteo has gotten older, and he really understands the sport, he made it to most of the games this season. For his birthday, Matteo had breakfast in an exclusive VIP room with Dad, and met former player Chad Pennington! He also went on the field and met some key players, who signed autographs and gave him birthday shoutouts. Lastly, he got to watch the Jets beat the Titans. What a lucky boy! I made sure to remind him that night to always be thankful for all his blessings!

Friday night he wore his fav Jacket by Laer, a Tuxedo shirt by La Miniatura, a Cardigan by Kipp Collection, Pants by Haus of Jr, and Chapter 2 shoes. And on Sunday, his favorite Jets jersey!

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