Beach & Sunsets with my Crew!

One of our favorite things to do as a family once the weather warms up is go to the beach and watch the sunset. My husband and I have done this for as long as I can remember, there is just something about the simplicity of this family outing that makes it so much fun and memorable. My mom was also with us which made it that much sweeter. I love that this was a spontaneous decision (as it usually is), and especially living in Long Island, we are surrounded by many beaches making effortless for us to hop in the car and go. I am so looking forward to this summer and building memories w/ my crew! 


Details of my Outfit : Off the shoulder Top  | Shorts (Similar) | Laced up Shoes | Large Striped pouch  

Matteo : Graphic Tee (Similar) | Shorts (Similar) | Sneakers

Chase : Camo Tee | Monster shorts | Sneakers (Similar)



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